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mogura_graphics's Journal

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Welcome to Mogura Graphics!

This place is run by the darling mogurachan, and is just a baby of a community, really. Some features of this community include:

♥ Frequent updates
♥ Requests
♥ Drama-free atmosphere
♥ Free cookies upon membership

This is primarily an anime icon (or rather, Naruto) community, as that's what Mogura is interested in right now. However, expect to see things other than that from time to time, especially when she's found a new obsession hobby.


What would a community be, if not for a few rules you have to mull over? Don't worry, they're relatively painless, and mostly common sense/manners.

1. No bashing. This one, I think, is self-explanatory. If anyone posts a batch of icons/headers/etc, it's fine to give constructive criticism, but telling them they suck is way rude, and won't be tolerated.
2. No flaming. Save the drama for your mama, and don't start fights here. This community is supposed to be fun!
3. Post large images/icon batches (more than three), icon requests and long posts under a cut. Don't know how to do one? It's easy. Just copy the following code:
<*lj-cut text="your title here"*>Info/graphics/requests go here<*/lj-cut*> and remove the asterisks.
4. Keep the pr0nz under a cut. Nudity and yaoi/yuri/het are perfectly acceptable, but put those things under a cut and place a disclaimer outside the cut letting people know what exactly they'll be clicking on.
5. Don't get antsy. Graphics take time to make, and sometimes we might not have enough time to get back you you promptly. If that's the case, we're sorry, but please don't make a big fuss/insult anyone because your graphics aren't done ten minutes after requesting.

The posts are public, but the requests will be restricted to people in the community, or people referred to the post via crosslink. (Like, if I post in naruto_icons, people coming from there are allowed to request icons.

This one's not really a concrete rule with penalty of death, but it would be very helpful if, when requesting graphics, you'd use the request form and posted on the Official Request Thread (tm).



Most brushes/textures/patterns I have ganked from:
Hybrid Genesis

As well as an assortment of DA users:

The layout's coding came from Lj-Layouts.org, and was edited by me with a scan from the doujinshi, "Illusion Lighting the Snow" (which was gotten at Zettai. Also, please note that people under 18 shouldn't go checking out Zettai... it's... well, it's naughty. :3)

:3 A big shoutout to all these people. I don't think I've forgotten anyone, but if you see a brush that's yours, please tell me and I'll be sure to credit.